Hope is a Congregation of Christian believers in Chino Valley, AZ. We love to share the message of Jesus to others of all ages.


Hope was formed in the late 1980's with the mission to spread the Word to the people of Chino Valley and beyond. Our mission echoes the words of the Great Commission first spoken to Jesus' disciples at his Ascension (Matthew 28).


We have an eclectic group of Christians that gather on Sundays for Worship and Bible Study. On any given Sunday, you are likely to see worshipers ranging from babies to World War 2 Veterans. We have people who come in shorts and t-shirts and others that wear suits and dresses. We have people who come from various parts of the world and different walks of life. But one thing is always true for us: We all have a need for a Savior. No one who comes to Hope is perfect, except through the sacrifice of Jesus. And as we struggle to live our lives for him, we support one another and share the messages of the Bible to all that we can. And the best part is, with this kind of structure, we always have room for more!


We are committed to make disciples of all nations. We are to baptize and teach the true faith of our resurrected Savior, so all may experience the joy of eternal salvation.